Icons, Tiles, Splash screens and other images when publishing phone apps with Xamarin

Publishing an app to one platform is difficult enough, publishing to 3 or 4 different ones can be very time consuming. One area of confusion is the myriad of Icons, Tiles and Splash screen sizes needed. Here I thought I would put it all together, in one place, all the image asset details for all 4 platforms iOS, Android, Windows Phone and Windows Store applications.

See also Creating Splash or Launch images for Cross-platform apps with a Photoshop script

Icon and Tile Images

Useful web apps are about for creating some of the necessary icon sizes. http://makeappicon.com/ or http://ticons.fokkezb.nl/ will help with iOS and Android.

However I found that my favourite was Icon Slayer. It is the most configurable and particularly useful for those developing for Windows Phone and App too. You can also add in some additional sizes that are missing in the standard iOS and Android pre-sets. See my Blog for Generating Screenshots and Icons for Xamarin Cross-platform Apps.

If you tick iOS, Android and Custom, then copy and paste this custom set of sizes (as is, space delimited!),

8 22 70 75 76 80 180 159 110 120 148 150 152 159 173 192 202 300 310 336 358 800

into the ‘Custom’ field in Icon Slayer as shown below, you will produce all the sizes of icons as listed for all platforms below. Icons and Tiles that are do not have an aspect ratio of 1:1 I have highlighted in orange. These will need to be edited by hand, however the images created in Icon Slayer will also cover the width or height of these images too, to help with easy editing later. if you have a transparent or flat background colour, all you will need to do is change the canvas size.

Personally I generate 3 full sets of icons. One set of rounded with effect (use in Android), one set square edged with effect (use in iOS and Windows) and one just plain square with no effect (use for creating other aspect ratio images and sometimes Windows).

Your source Icon or Tile image should be sized to 1024 x 1024 pixels.


iOS Icon Sizes

see Icons and Image Sizes and Xamarin iOS Working with Images and Xamarin iOS Application Icons

When iOS displays an app icon on the Home screen of a device, it automatically applies a mask that rounds the corners. Make sure your icon has 90° corners so it looks good after the mask is applied.

  • Icon Sizes (1:1): 22, 25, 29, 40, 50, 57,  58, 72, 75, 76, 80, 100, 114, 120, 144, 152, 180, 512, 1024

Android Icon Sizes

see Android Iconography

The sizes below include all sizes (including LDPI) for Launcher, Action Bar, Notification, Store and Contextual icons.

  • Icon Sizes (1:1): 8, 12, 16, 24, 32, 36, 48, 64, 72, 96, 128, 144, 192, 512

Windows Phone Tile Sizes

see Tile design guidelines for Windows Phone and App submission requirements

  • Flip Tile Sizes: 159×159, 336×336, 691×336
  • Iconic Tile Icon Sizes (ideal): 70×110, 130×202
  • Iconic Tile Icon Sizes (not ideal): 110×110, 202×202

Windows Store App Tile Sizes

Guidelines for tiles and badges

  • Tile Sizes: 70×70, 150×150, 310×150, 310×310

Splash Screen (Launch Screen) Images

I have not found a useful app for making all your splash screens. So I have created a Photoshop script for doing it. You can find more details about how to get and use in this article here.

iOS Launch Screens

Description Size
iPad Landscape 1024×768
iPad Landscape Retina 2048×1536
iPad Portrait 768×1024
iPad Portrait Retina 1536×2048
iPhone Portrait 320×480
iPhone Portrait Retina 640×960
iPhone Landscape 480×320
iPhone Landscape Retina 960×640
iPhone 5 Portrait Retina 640×1136
iPhone 5 Landscape Retina 1136×640
iPhone 6 Portrait Retina 750×1334
iPhone 6 Landscape Retina 1334×750
iPhone 6 Plus Portrait Retina 1242×2208
iPhone 6 Plus Landscape Retina 2208×1242

Android Launch Screens

On Android launch screens or splash screens are not encouraged and not supported directly in the framework. However Xamarin have added this article on how to bake your own http://developer.xamarin.com/guides/android/user_interface/creating_a_splash_screen/

Due to the very large range of screen sizes found on Android, you are advised to have large bleed areas. The minimum sizes documented for Android are below.

Description Size
xlarge screen landscape 960×720
xlarge screen portrait 720×960
large screen landscape 640×480
large screen portrait 480×640
normal screen landscape 470×320
normal screen portrait 320×470
small screen landscape 426×320
small screen portrait 320×426

Windows Phone Splash Screens

To display a splash screen for all resolutions, use a single image file named SplashScreenImage.jpg that is 768 × 1280. The phone automatically scales the image to the correct size.All splash screen images must be in the root folder of your app project and you must set the Build Action property of the image(s) to Content.

Windows Phone 8 Update 3 will default to using the 720p splash screen file on a 1080p phone.

For a Windows Phone Store app, provide the 2.4x asset at a minimum; preferably all. The image file assets themselves should have a transparent background. In your app manifest, set the value of the SplashScreen@Image property to “Assets.png”, and set a value for VisualElements@BackgroundColor.

see How to create a splash screen fro Windows Phone

Description Size Recommended Filename
Windows Phone 720p Portrait 720×1280 SplashScreenImage.screen-720p.jpg
Windows Phone WXGA Portrait 768×1280 SplashScreenImage.screen-WXGA.jpg
Windows Phone WVGA Portrait 480×800 SplashScreenImage.screen-WVGA.jpg

Windows Store Apps Splash Screens

see Guidelines for splash screens

see Quickstart: Adding a splash screen (XAML)

Use a transparent PNG as your splash screen image for best visual results. Using a transparent PNG lets the background colour you chose show through your splash screen image. Otherwise, if the image has a different background colour, your splash screen may look disjointed and unappealing.

Description Size
1x Splash Screen 620×300
1.4x Splash Screen 868×420
1.8x Splash Screen 1116×540

Other App Store Assets

When finally publishing your app to the store, you may find that additional promotional images are needed. If you have these ahead of time, it can smooth your journey. All stores require screenshots, but I am not going into those here.

iOS Store Assets

  • Spotlight Icons: 29×29, 58×58, 50×50, 100×100, 40×40, 80×80

Android Store Assets

see Graphic assets, screenshots and Video

  • Hi-res graphic: 512×512
  • Feature graphic: 1024×500
  • Promo graphic: 180×120
  • TV Banner: 320×180

Windows Phone Store Assets

  • App Store Icon or Tile Sizes: 300×300, 358×358, 358×173
  • Store Background Image: 100×800

Windows Store Store Assets

** coming soon **

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