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HTML Placeholder not working in IE9 and earlier!!

Recently found this very useful jQuery plugin for fixing placeholder issues in old IE browsers. It seems to cover most scenarios and is very easy to  implement 🙂

Just add the script after the jQuery and call

$('input, textarea').placeholder();

You will also need to add the placeholder style in your css.

/* Placeholder fix for IE9 for use with jQuery.placeholder plugin */
 .placeholder { color: #aaa; }

If you are a c# razor person, something like this on your impacted pages will do the trick (assuming you something like

@RenderSection("MyJavaScript", false)

in your layout).

@section MyJavaScript
 <script src="@Url.Content("~/Scripts/jquery.placeholder/jquery.placeholder.js")" type="text/javascript"></script>
 $('input, textarea').placeholder();

Getting IE to remember your login again, when you previously said don’t!

It’s very frustrating that IE will never prompt you again for saving details to a website once you have said ‘No’ in this prompt (in IE 9 it’s a bar along the bottom on the window!)


The easiest, but most destruction method of fixing this is to wipe all you form data using the options in IE.

However, I have found two good blogs that explain why and how to fix it without loosing all your other login details etc..

Firstly , a manual registry fix is explained here at Using the registry editor you can do a three stage process to fix just the one website you have the problem with.

Secondly, there is this one by Eric Law that explains why it’s a bit tricky to resolve due to the secure storing of the form data and settings. Most importantly is that he has very kindly made a little utility that help you fix it for just one website at a time.

You need to put in the actual page address, not the domain. Best to go to the offending login page that is refusing to remember and copy the address directly.