Great Documentaries

This is my list of favourite and awesome documentaries. Everyone of these is exceptional and magic in my opinion. If you’re not sure just watch them. Don’t judge by cover or subject…you’ll be surprised what catches your imagination and fires the emotions. If they don’t engage or impress you, do let me know.

If you’re lucky you may be able to watch these on the BBC iPlayer, Netflix or Amazon Prime. The link will take you too more details.

 The Fog of War
  The Fear of 13
  Death on the Staircase (also know as ‘The Staircase’)


There is also a ‘Death on the Staircase: The Aftermath’ and ‘The Staircase II: The Last Chance’, but I haven’t seen them yet.

  The Queen of Versailles
  Killing for Love (also known as ‘The Promise’)
  Searching for Sugar Man
  Particle Fever
  The Secret Rules of Life: Algorithms
  (Dis)Honesty: The Truth About Lies
  Root of All Evil? (Later renamed ‘The God Delusion’)
  Stop at Nothing: The Lance Armstrong Story
  Amanda Knox
  O.J.: Made in America
  Pandora’s Promise
  Get me Roger Stone
  Inside Job
  Touching the Void
  The Jinx: The life and Deaths of Robert Durst
  Who Killed the Electric Car
List of Documentaries