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Shutdown or Restarting Windows 8 in a Remote Desktop Session

In a remote session the normal shutdown button only allows you to disconnect or log off. After a bit of research I found 2 easy ways of restarting a remote desktop session.

  1. Go to the Desktop
  2. Close all open desktop apps
  3. Type ALT+F4 (this is the shortcut for closing apps and programs too)
  4. Up pop a new ‘Shut Down Windows” Windows 8 dialogue
  5. Then select the command of you desire.

If you are commend line oriented then,

  1. Type Windows logo key+ R to open the ‘Run’ dialog
  2. Type either ‘shutdown /r’ for a restart or ‘shutdown /s’ for a simple shutdown and click OK.
  3. If you want to see a UI or do this remotely, you can always try ‘shutdown /i’ on your local machine and do a remote shutdown.