My Microsoft Azure Certification Revision Sheets

I finally successfully passed the three exams necessary to certify as a Microsoft MCSD: Azure Solution Architect (now becoming the MCSE: Cloud Platform and Infrastructure). \o/

  • Exam 70-532: Developing Microsoft Azure Solutions
  • Exam 70-533: Implementing Microsoft Azure Infrastructure Solutions
  • Exam 70-534: Developing Microsoft Azure Solutions

It was no easy feat, not least because of the absolutely massive number of topics that you need to learn, but also that Microsoft decided to update the syllabus’s of all three exams just as I was ready to take them (Nov/Dec 2016).

The main updates were to change the focus from ‘Classic Portal/ ASM’ to ‘New Portal/ARM’ and also to include a whole set of new services too. However there is a grey area as some things still can’t be performed through the new portal and I didn’t totally trusted that exams would not touch on classic Cloud Services etc., so had to learn old and new.

Anyway, I consolidated all my learning and notes into what I thought would be a concise set of PowerPoint slides. However, due to the sheer number of subjects and the depth / detail of knowledge needed, I never completely finished the notes and it’s a hefty 58 slides long!!

Anyway in case others may find my notes useful you can view the slides here by clicking on any of the images below. Slide Index is under the images.

Or download it as a PowerPoint or PDF file.  If anyone does improve or supplement the PowerPoint file, please post back and I’ll update it here for others.

Caveats – Please note that these notes are not necessarily everything you need. Some subjects are pretty sparse or even blank as I didn’t get round to making notes or didn’t need or want to.

Slide Index

  1. Azure Architecture Certification Revision Sheets
  2. Azure Certification paths and Exams
  3. Exam 70-532: Developing Microsoft Azure Solutions
  4. Exam 70-533: Implementing Microsoft Azure Infrastructure Solutions
  5. Exam 70-532: Developing Microsoft Azure Solutions
  6. Azure – General
  7. Azure Patterns
  8. Azure VMs – General
  9. Azure VMs – Sizes…
  10. Azure VMs – Migrating and Deploying
  11. Azure VMs – Config and DSC
  12. SQL VMs
  13. Azure HPC Pack
  14. Azure Storage – General
  15. Azure Storage – General cont…
  16. Azure Storage – Blobs
  17. Azure Storage – Files
  18. Azure Storage – Tables
  19. Azure Storage – Queues
  20. Azure Backup Vault
  21. Azure Active Directory
  22. Azure Active Directory cont…
  23. Azure Active Directory cont… 2
  24. Azure Active Directory cont… 3
  25. Azure App Services
  26. Azure App Services Plans capability
  27. Azure App Services cont..
  28. Azure App Services – Web Apps
  29. Azure App Services – Mobile Apps
  30. Azure App Services – Mobile Apps cont…
  31. Azure Websites (Classic)
  32. Azure Cloud Service (classic)
  33. Azure Redis Cache
  34. Azure Service Bus
  35. Azure Relay
  36. Azure Batch
  37. Azure Automation
  38. Azure Notification
  39. Azure Functions
  40. Azure Logic Apps
  41. Azure Media Services
  42. Azure WebJobs
  43. Azure SQL
  44. Azure SQL cont…
  45. Azure Virtual Networks
  46. Azure Virtual Networks – VPNs
  47. Azure Virtual Networks cont…
  48. Azure Virtual Networks cont…
  49. PowerShell & x-plat CLI – General
  50. Azure Data Lake
  51. HDInsight
  52. API Management
  53. API Management – cont…
  54. Mobile Apps
  55. Azure Container Service
  56. Azure Service Fabric
  57. Azure Key Vault
  58. Azure Key Vault cont…
  59. Stuff to do

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