Comparison of Caffeine content in Coca Cola Coke products

I was just curious as to what and how the caffeine content of the various Coca-Cola coke products differed. Especially the difference between ‘Diet Coke‘ and ‘Coke Zero‘. So I did some research and put together this little chart.

Data was gathered from the Coca-Cola and RedBull sites and values are approximate.

Product Serving size (ml) Caffeine per serving (mg) Caffeine per 100ml
Mug of filter coffee 260 140 54
Mug of instant coffee 260 100 38
Can of RedBull 250 80 32
Mug of Tea 260 70 27
Bar of chocolate (*50mg) 50 50 100
1 shot of espresso 30 45 150
Can of Diet Coke 330 42 13
Can of Regular Coke 330 32 10
Can of Coke Zero 330 32 10
Can of Coke Life 330 26 8

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