T-Mobile doesn’t do 3G!

I unsuccessfully tried 3G with T-mobile on my last phone (Sony Ericsson K850). My girlfriend tried it on her phone(Sony Ericsson K850i). No good. My phone would not ring on incoming calls, making callers redirect to voice mail immediately. I would get network busy when dialling out and SMS message would fail (this is with full signal). T-mobile support (after much effort and recoding of every incident, which was all the time the phones were on 3G setting) told me that these phones were not entirely compatible with 3G. I believed them. The problem was solved by setting my phone to 2G! No problem, didn’t use the web much on those phones.

So when I upgraded to the latest KU990 phone with full web browser capability, not to mention built in YouTube application I did not give 3G capability a second thought. Surely T-mobile provides 3G for this phone, I mean I am paying for it have just bought a phone built specifically to use it, so naturally did expect it!

No. New phone, same problems. That leave one point of failure T-Mobile. Basically T-Mobile cannot and do not provide a reliable 3G service. As their solution is ‘set your phone to 2G’ every time I complain no matter where I am or what phone I am using.

My solution: return the phone and cancel my contract. My advice to anyone else, use a network that does provide the 3G service. I believe 3 do! Don’t get a LG Viewty till LG provide some kind of support for it!

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