LG KU990 Viewty review and T-mobile 3G Network

I have had my Viewty for a couple of weeks now. What is LG up to?

Technically the phone is great. The screen is very good, speed is all there. Most of the interface is good. The slow motion (120 frames per sec) video capability is amazing.

Why then do LG completely screw it up by limiting the Contacts to 500, the Calendar items to 100 and unbelievably the Memos to 5!!! Yes that’s an incredibly useless 5! This is all despite putting a 2GB Micro SD card in there. The synchronising software is pathetic.

No problem you think, they will be issuing loads of firmware updates and groovy improvements in a continuous customer focused way etc… You know, just like Sony-Ericsson and Nokia do. Surely….Surely NOT! They barely even acknowledge the device on their support page.

If you want support the best site is www.ku990.co.uk


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