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Proud to be Xamarin Certified

After looking at all the various methods and frameworks for cross-platform mobile development, I decided that Xamarin‘s approach and mature tech was the way to go.

I got a subscription and signed up for the Xamarin University training course. Many late nights doing excellent live training, a visit to the Xamarin Evolve 2014 conference in Atlanta and a tough 150 question 3 hour exam later…I am now officially a ‘Certified Xamarin Mobile Developer’

Oh…and it was not easy! 1 minute 12 secs per question and an 80% pass mark!!


Xamarin certification can be verified at https://university.xamarin.com/certification#verify and found in the Xamarin Certified Developers LinkedIn Group.

If you are wanting or thinking of developing mobile apps, then this is a brilliant technology for managing the whole process. Code shared across platforms can be as high as 95% when using Xamarin Forms. And it creates native apps…not horrid HTML/JavaScript things!