Euro Millions (or Euromillones) Scam Letter

Just received one of those annoying scam ‘You’ve won loads of money’ letters. I am surprised that they are still trying it over snail mail, but I guess we are all becoming more savvy to online and email scams.
The letter appears to come from ‘Euromillones lottery primitiva s.a’ and goes something like…

This is to inform you on the release of the Espana Euromillones Lotería/international Promotion Program held on the 4th April, 2007. Due to a mix up of some numbers and names, the results were released on the 8th May, 2007. Your name attached to ticket number…
You have therefore been approved for a lump sum payout of €650,000.00 (SIX HUNDRED AND FIFTY THOUSAND EUROS ONLY) in cash credited to …
To begin your lottery claim, please contact your claims agent MR SILV ANDERSON the Foreign operations manager of GRUPO-CADIZ SECURITY COMPANY S.A MADRID On Tel: 0034 638-206-720 Fax:00 34 911-817-595 for processing…

You are then asked to submit loads of nice personal details on an enclosed form to a company called ‘Grupo-Cadiz Security Company S.A’
Just to be clear… This is a SCAM!! Do not phone, email or send anything back to these people!
I would not be surprised if the fax or phone numbers are not some very high premium rate line. The Fax will probably take half an hour to get through etc. etc..
You have been warned. If anyone did take it further please let us know what you experienced.

2 thoughts on “Euro Millions (or Euromillones) Scam Letter

  1. Big Ian – I can’t reply to your message about being scammed due to your security settings, so I writing it here. If you have been scammed, I would report it to the police, just so that they can build up some stats and evidence against these people. I am no expert so  can not advise you on what to do, however they now have your passport number, address and name etc., so you may need to inform the passport office. The police will be able to give you advice on this I hope. Good Luck! Nicholas

  2. I recieved a letter today, just came online to check how many scams like this were about!

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