Which Blog Space, why and what for?

Which and where should you create your new blog space. Here or www.MySpace.com or www.blogger.com or … on it goes.
Don’t be tempted to typing in www.spaces.com as that one of those infuriating search re-feeding sites.
I presume this is the least known of the services, but because it uses your MS Passport, I found it easier to get set up on. It also seems to have less porn or advertising masquerading as blog, however I am sure that will rapidly change.
Looking through the huge amount of rubbish being put on site, it made me wonder who is going to read this. If you do read this, please leave a comment of how you came across this, and why you read this far. I would really like to know.
What are blogs for?
Do we all want to be heard? Is this an attempt at our 15 mins of fame? Do we want our comments to be picked up by a search engine…why? Do we gauge our popularity by number of clicks? I have to say I am not sure why I am writing this. I hope it’s just to see what it’s all about, but I am also afraid that there is some small feeling that I know what I am talking about and that you should all listen!!
Who Reads Blogs?
Who reads this shit anyway. The only blogs I seem to read are those of very helpful developers and programmers who are willing to explain how to do something. To them I am truly grateful. I will be including some of these very informative blogs on my links listing etc..
It is to that group that I hope to join. Give a little back, join and create some knowledge threads and maybe learn something.
Who has the Time?
Not me. So this is the end of my first blog.
…and what is this Blog…she needs help or I have missed something?

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